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Who was the first President - George Washington

70. Who was the first President?

  • George Washington

George Washington was the first president of the United States. He began his first term in 1789. He served for a second term beginning in 1793. Washington played an important role in forming the new nation and encouraged Americans to unite. He also helped define the American presidency. He voluntarily resigned from the presidency after two terms. He set an example for future leaders in his own country and the world by voluntarily giving up power. The tradition of a president serving no more than two terms continued in the United States until Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was elected to office four times (1933–1945). The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, passed in 1947, now limits presidents to two terms.

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¿Quién fue el primer Presidente?

  • (George) Washington

من كان الرئيس الأول؟

  • )جورج( واشنطن


  • (喬治)華盛頓

초대 대통령은 누구인가?

  • 조지 워싱턴

Sino ang unang Pangulo?

  • (George) Washington

Ai là Tổng Thống đầu tiên?

  • (George) Washington

מי היה הנשיא הראשון?

  • (ג’ורג’) וושינגטון

Кто был первым президентом США?

  • (Джордж) Вашингтон

Kush ishte Presidenti I pare?

  • Xhorxh Uashingtoni

Ko je bio prvi predsjednik?

  • (George) Washington.

نخستین رئیس جمهور که بود؟

  • ( جرج( واشینگتن

Qui est le premier Président?

  • (George Washington)

Leej twg yog thawj tug Tuam Thawj Tswj teb chaws?

  • (George) Washington

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