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Who is the Father of Our Country - George Washington

69. Who is the “Father of Our Country”?

  • (George) Washington

George Washington is called the Father of Our Country. He was the first American president. Before that, he was a brave general who led the Continental Army to victory over Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War. After his victory over the British Army, Washington retired to his farm in Virginia named Mount Vernon. He left retirement to help create the new country’s system of government. He presided over the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.

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¿Quién se conoce como el “Padre de Nuestra Nación”?

  • (George) Washington

من هو “أب بلادنا”؟

  • )جورج( واشنطن


  • (喬治)華盛頓

“우리 나라의 아버지”는 누구인가?

  • 조지 워싱턴

Sino ang “Ama ng Ating Bansa”?

  • (George) Washington

Ai được gọi là cha đẻ của nước Mỹ?

  • (George) Washington

מיהו “אבי ארצנו”?

  • ג’ורג’ וושינגטון

Кого называют “Отцом нашей страны”?

  • (Джордж) Вашингтон

Kush eshte babai I shtetit tone?

  • Xhorxh Uashingtoni

Ko je “Otac naše domovine”?

  • George Washington

چه کسی “پدر کشور ما” نامیده می شود؟

  • ( جرج( واشینگتن

Qui est le “Père de notre Patrie”?

  • (George) Washington

“Leej txiv ntawm peb lub teb chaws” yog leej twg?

  • (George) Washington

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