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Who is in charge of the executive branch - The President

15. Who is in charge of the executive branch?

  • The President

The job of the executive branch is to carry out, or execute, federal laws and enforce laws passed by Congress. The head of the executive branch is the president. The president is both the head of state and the head of government. The president’s powers include the ability to sign treaties with other countries and to select ambassadors to represent the United States around the world. The president also sets national policies and proposes laws to Congress. The president names the top leaders of the federal departments. When there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the president names a new member. However, the Senate has the power to reject the president’s choices. This limit on the power of the president is an example of checks and balances.

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¿Quién está a cargo de la rama ejecutiva?

  • el Presidente

من هو المسؤول عن السلطة التنفيذية؟

  • الرئيس


  • 總統

행정부를 책임지고 있는 것은 누구인가?

  • 대통령

Sino ang namamahala sa sangay na ehekutibo?

  • ang Pangulo

Ai phụ trách hành pháp?

  • Tổng Thống

מי אחראי על הרשות המבצעת?

  • הנשיא

Кто возглавляет Исполнительную власть?

  • Президент

Kush e drejton degen ekzekutive?

  • Presidenti

Ko je glavni za Izvršno vijeće?

  • Predsjednik

.چه کسی مسئول دستگاه اجرایی کشور است؟

  • رئیس جمهور

Qui est en charge de la branche executive?

  • Le Président

Leej twg yog tus tswj ntawm pawg tswj cai?

  • Tuam Thawj Tswj teb chaws

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