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When was the Declaration of Independence adopted - July 4 1776

63. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?

  • July 4, 1776

In 1774, representatives from 12 of the 13 colonies met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the First Continental Congress. Of the 13 colonies, only Georgia was absent. These representatives were angry about British laws that treated them unfairly. They began to organize an army. The Second Continental Congress met in 1775 after fighting began between the colonists and the British Army. This Congress asked Thomas Jefferson and others to write the Declaration of Independence. When Thomas Jefferson finished his draft of the Declaration of Independence, he took it to John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and the others on the committee to review it. After changes were made by the committee, the Declaration was read to the members of the entire Congress. The purpose of the Declaration was to announce the separation of the colonies from England. The Declaration of Independence stated that if a government does not protect the rights of the people, the people can create a new government. For this reason, the colonists separated from their British rulers. On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.

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¿Cuándo fue adoptada la Declaración de Independencia?

  • el 4 de julio de 1776

متى تم اعتماد إعلان الاستقلال؟

  • 4 يوليو، 1776


  • 1776 年 7 月 4 日

독입 선언서가 채택된 것은 언제인가?

  • 1776년 7월 4일

Kailan ipinagtibay ang Deklarasyon ng Kalayaan?

  • Hulyo 4, 1776

Bản Tuyên Ngôn Độc Lập được chấp nhận lúc nào?

  • 4 Tháng Bẩy 1776

מתי התקבלה מגילת העצמאות?

  • 4 ביולי 1776

Когда была принята Декларация независимости?

  • 4 июля 1776

Kur u adoptua Deklarata e Pavaresise?

  • 4 Korrik, 1776

Kada je usvojen Proglas o nezavisnosti?

  • Jula 4-tog, 1776

چه زمانی بیانیۀ استقالل پذیرفته شد؟

  • 1776 جوالی 4

Quand est-ce que la Déclaration d’Indépendence a été adoptée?

  • 4 Juillet, 1776

Tsab cai tau txais kev ywj pheej tshwm sim rau thaum twg?

  • 7 hli, tim 4, xyoo 1776

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