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4. What is an amendment?

What is an amendment - a change to the Constitution
  • a change (to the Constitution)
  • an addition (to the Constitution)

An amendment is a change or addition to the Constitution. The Framers of the Constitution knew that laws can change as a country grows. They did not want to make it too easy to modify the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. The Framers also did not want the Constitution to lose its meaning. For this reason, the Framers decided that Congress could pass amendments in only two ways: by a two-thirds vote in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives or by a special convention. A special convention has to be requested by two-thirds of the states. After an amendment has passed in Congress or by a special convention, the amendment must then be ratified (accepted) by the legislatures of three-fourths of the states. The amendment can also be ratified by a special convention in three-fourths of the states. Not all proposed amendments are ratified. Six times in U.S. history amendments have passed in Congress but were not approved by enough states to be ratified.

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¿Qué es una enmienda?

  • un cambio (a la Constitución)
  • una adición (a la Constitución)

ما هو التعديل؟

  • تغيير (في الدستور)

  • إضافة (إلى الدستور)


  • (憲法的)更正
  • (憲法的)補充

수정안이란 무엇인가?

  • (헌법에 대한) 변경사항
  • (헌법에 대한) 추가조항

Ano ang isang susog?

  • isang pagbabago (sa Konstitusyon)
  • bilang karagdagan (sa Konstitusyon)

Tu chính án là gì?

  • một sự thay đổi (trong Hiến Pháp)
  • một sự thêm (vào Hiến Pháp)

מהו תיקון?

  • שינוי (לחוקה)

  • תוספת (לחוקה)

Что такое поправка?

  • Изменение (в Конституции)
  • Дополнение (к Конституции)

C’fare eshte nje amendament?

  • Nje ndryshim (ne Kushtetute) – permiresim
  • Nje shtim (ne Kushtetute) – permiresim

Šta je to amandman?

  • Promjena (na ustav)
  • Dodatak (na ustav)

اصالحیه چیست؟

  • یک تغییر )در قانون اساسی(
  • اضافات )به قانون اساسی(

Qu’est-ce qu’est un amendement?

  • Un changement (de la Constitution)
  • Une addition (à la Constitution)

Amendment yog dab tsi?

  • yog ib qho hloov rau tus Txhooj Cai Lij Choj
  • yog ib qho ntxiv rau tus Txhooj Cai Lij Choj

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