What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves - Africans - People from Africa

60. What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves?

  • Africans
  • people from Africa

Slavery existed in many countries long before America was founded. By 1700, many Africans were being brought to the American colonies as slaves. Men, women, and children were brought against their will. They were often separated from their families when they were sold as slaves. Slaves worked without payment and without basic rights. Most worked in agriculture, but slaves did many other kinds of work in the colonies, too. Slavery created a challenge for a nation founded on individual freedoms and democratic beliefs. It was one of the major causes of the American Civil War.

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¿Qué grupo de personas fue traído a los Estados Unidos y vendidos como esclavos?

  • Africanos
  • gente de África

أي مجموعة من الناس تم اقتيادها إلى أمريكا وبيعها كعبيد؟

  • الأفارقة
  • ناس من أفريقيا


  • 非洲人
  • 來自非洲的人

어떤 무리의 사람들이 미국으로 끌려와 노예로 팔렸는가?

  • 아프리카인들
  • 아프리카에서 온 사람들

Anong grupo ng mga tao ang dinala sa Amerika at ipinagbili bilang mga alipin?

  • Mga Aprikano
  • mga tao mula sa Aprika

Nhóm người nào được mang tới Mỹ Châu và bán làm nô lệ?

  • người Phi Châu
  • người từ Phi Châu

איזו קבוצת אנשים נלקחה לאמריקה ונמכרה כעבדים?

  • אפריקנים
  • אנשים מאפריקה

Какую группу людей привезли в Америку и продали как рабов?

  • Африканцев
  • Выходцев из Африки

Cili grup njerezish jane sjelle ne Amerike dhe jane shitur si skllever?

  • Afrikanet

Koja grupa ljudi je dovođena u Ameriku da se proda kao roblje?

  • Afrikanci
  • Ljudi iz Afrike

کدام گروه از مردم را به امریکا آورده و به عنوان برده می فروختند؟

  • آفریقاییها
  • مردم آفریقا

Quel groupe de personnes furent apportée en Amerique et vendue comme esclaves?

  • Africains
  • Des gens d’Afrique

Haiv neeg twg raug coj tuaj rau teb chaws Asmesliskas thiab muab muag ua qhev?

  • haiv neeg Dub
  • cov neeg tuaj sab Africa tuaj

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