The Constitution says that the leaders of the executive departments should advise the president. These department leaders, most of them called “secretaries,” make up the cabinet. The president nominates the cabinet members to be his advisors. For a nominee to be confirmed, a majority of the Senate must approve the nominee. Throughout history, presidents have been able to change who makes up the cabinet or add departments to the cabinet. For example, when the Department of Homeland Security was created, President George W. Bush added the leader of this department to his cabinet.

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¿Qué hace el Gabinete del Presidente?

  • asesora al Presidente

ماذا تفعل حكومة الرئيس؟

  • تنصح الرئيس


  • 向總統提出建議

대통령의 각료들은 무엇을 하는가?

  • 대통령을 보조하여 조언한다

Ano ang ginagawa ng Gabinete ng Pangulo?

  • nagpapayo sa Pangulo

Nội các của Tổng Thống làm gì?

  • Cố vấn cho Tổng Thống

מה תפקיד הקבינט של הנשיא?

  • לייעץ לנשיא

Чем занимается кабинет министров президента?

  • Дает рекомендации президенту

C’fare detyre ka Keshilli Presidencja?

  • Te keshillojne Presidentin

Koja je dužnost Predsjedničkog Kabineta?

  • Da savjetuje Predsjednika.

کابینۀ رئیس جمهور چه کاری انجام می دهد؟

  • به رئیس جمهور مشورت ارائه می دهد.

Que fait le cabinet du Président?

  • Conseiller le Président

Pawg neeg sab laj rau Tuam Thawj Tswj teb chaws dej num yog ua dab tsi?

  • pab tawm tswv yim rau Tuam Thawj Tswj teb chaws

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