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What are the two major political parties in the United States - Republican Party - Democratic Party

45. What are the two major political parties in the United States?

  • Democratic and Republican

The Constitution did not establish political parties. President George Washington specifically warned against them. But early in U.S. history, two political groups developed. They were the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists. Today, the two major political parties are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. President Andrew Jackson created the Democratic Party from the Democratic-Republicans. The Republican Party took over from the Whigs as a major party in the 1860s. The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln. Throughout U.S. history, there have been other parties. These parties have included the Know-Nothing (also called American Party), Bull-Moose (also called Progressive), Reform, and Green parties. They have played various roles in American politics. Political party membership in the United States is voluntary. Parties are made up of people who organize to promote their candidates for election and to promote their views about public policies.

Learn more about the Republican Party

Learn more about the Democratic Party

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¿Cuáles son los dos principales partidos políticos de los Estados Unidos?

  • Demócrata y Republicano

ما هما الحزبان السياسيان الرئيسيان في الولايات المتحدة؟

  • الديمقراطي والجمهوري


  • 民主黨與共和黨

미국의 주요 정당 두 개는 무엇인가?

  • 민주당과 공화당

Ano ang dalawang pangunahing partidong pampulitika sa Estados Unidos?

  • Democratic at Republican

Hai đảng chính của Hoa Kỳ là gì?

  • Dân Chủ và Cộng Hòa

מהן שתי המפלגות הגדולות ביותר בארה”ב?

  • המפלגה הדמוקרטית והמפלגה הרפובליקנית

Назовите две крупнейшие политические партии в США.

  • Демократическая и республиканская

Cilat jane dy partite me kryesore te Shteteve te Bashkuara?

  • Partia Demokratike dhe ajo Republikane

Koje su dvije glavne političke partije u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama?

  • Demokratska i Republikanska

دو حزب سیاسی اصلی ایاالت متحده کدامند؟

  • دموکرات و جمهوری خواه

Quels sont les deux partis politiques les plus importants aux Etats-Unis?

  • Démocrat et Républicain

Ob pawg coj kev ua nom tswv loj tshaj nyob rau teb chaws no yog ob pawg twg?*

  • Pawg Democratic thiab Pawg Republican

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