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22. We elect a U.S. Representative for how many years?

We elect a US Representative for how many years - Two - 2
  • two (2)

People who live in a representative’s district are called “constituents.” Representatives tend to reflect the views of their constituents. If representatives do not do this, they may be voted out of office. The Framers of the Constitution believed that short two-year terms and frequent elections would keep representatives close to their constituents, public opinion, and more aware of local and community concerns. The Constitution puts no limit on the number of terms a representative may serve. All representatives are up for election every two years.

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¿De cuántos años es el término de elección de un representante de los Estados Unidos?

  • dos (2)

كم عدد سنوات انتخاب عضو مجلس النواب الأمريكي؟

  • اثنتان ) 2(


  • 兩 (2) 年

미국 하원의원은 몇 년 동안 선출되는가?

  • 2 (2년)

Naghahalal tayo ng Kinatawan ng Estados Unidos para sa ilang taon?

  • dalawa (2)

Chúng ta bầu dân biểu cho mấy năm?

  • hai năm (2)

לכמה שנים אנו בוחרים נציג אמריקאי?

  • שנתיים (2)

На сколько лет избираются члены палаты представителей США?

  • 2

Per sa vite zgjidhet nje deputet Amerikan?

  • Dy (2)

Na koliko godina biramo US Zastupnike?

  • Na dvije godine (2)

نمایندگان ایالت متحده را برای چه مدتی انتخاب می کنیم؟

  • دو سال )2)

Nous élisons un Représentant des Etats-Unis pour combien d’années?

  • Deux (2)

Pes tsawg xyoo peb mam xaiv ib tug neeg sawv cev pej xeem (U.S. Representative)?

  • 2 xyoo

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