38. What is the highest court in the United States?

What is the highest court in the United States - the Supreme Court 

the Supreme Court  The U.S. Supreme Court has complete authority over all federal courts. Its rulings have a significant effect. A Supreme Court ruling can affect the outcome of many cases in the lower courts. The Supreme Court’s interpretations of federal laws and of the Constitution are final. The Supreme Court is limited in its […]

37. What does the judicial branch do?

What does the judicial branch do

reviews laws explains laws resolves disputes (disagreements) decides if a law goes against the Constitution The judicial branch is one of the three branches of government. The Constitution established the judicial branch of government with the creation of the Supreme Court. Congress created the other federal courts. All these courts together make up the judicial […]

16. Who makes federal laws?

Who makes federal laws - Congress - Senate and House of Representatives

Congress Senate and House (of Representatives) (U.S. or national) legislature Congress makes federal laws. A federal law usually applies to all states and all people in the United States. Either side of Congress—the Senate or the House of Representatives—can propose a bill to address an issue. When the Senate proposes a bill, it sends the […]