Name one problem that led to the Civil War - Slavery

74. Name one problem that led to the Civil War

  • slavery
  • economic reasons
  • states’ rights

The Civil War began when 11 southern states voted to secede (separate) from the United States to form their own country, the Confederate States of America. These southern states believed that the federal government of the United States threatened their right to make their own decisions. They wanted states’ rights with each state making their own decisions about their government. If the national government contradicted the state, they did not want to follow the national government. The North and South had very different economic systems. The South’s agriculture-based economy depended heavily on slave labor. The southern states feared that the United States government would end slavery. The southern states believed that this would hurt their economic and political independence. The economy of the northern states was more industrial and did not depend on slavery. The northern states fought to keep all the United States together in “the Union.” They tried to stop the southern states from separating into a new Confederate nation. There were also many people in the North who wanted to end slavery. These differences led to the American Civil War, which lasted from 1861 until 1865.

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Mencione un problema que condujo a la Guerra Civil.

  • esclavitud
  • razones económicas
  • derechos de los estados

اذكر مشكلة واحدة أدت إلى الحرب الأهلية.

  • الرق
  • أسباب اقتصادية
  • حقوق الولايات

列舉一項導致內戰的問題 。

  • 奴隸制度
  • 經濟原因
  • 各州的權利

남북전쟁에 이르게 된 문제점 한 가지를 말하라.

  • 노예제도
  • 경제적 이유
  • 주의 권리

Sabihin ang isang problema na humantong sa Digmaang Sibil.

  • pang-aalipin
  • mga dahilang pangkabuhayan
  • mga karapatan ng estado

Cho biết một vấn đề đưa tới cuộc nội chiến.

  • vấn đề nô lệ
  • các vấn đề kinh tế
  • quyền của các tiểu bang

ציינו גורם אחד שהוביל למלחמת האזרחים?

  • עבדות
  • סיבות כלכליות
  • זכויות מדינות

Назовите одну из проблем, приведших к Гражданской войне.

  • Рабство
  • Экономические причины
  • Права штатов

Emerto nje problem qe shkaktoi Luften Civile.

  • Skllaveria
  • Shkaqe ekonomike
  • E drejta e shteteve

Imenuj jedan problem koji je doveo do civilnog rata?

  • Robstvo
  • Ekonomski razlozi
  • Prava država

یکی از مشکالتی که سبب جنگ داخلی شد را نام ببرید.

  • برده داری
  • دالیل اقتصادی
  • حقوق ایالتها

Donnez le nom d’un problème qui fut une raison pour la guerre civile.

  • L’esclavage
  • Des raisons économiques
  • Les droits des Etats

Qhia ib qho teeb meem uas pib tsug rog pej xeem.

  • kev ua qhev
  • kev ua lag luam
  • tej cai ntawm cov xeev

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