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In what month do we vote for President - November

27. In what month do we vote for President?

  • November

The Constitution did not set a national election day. In the past, elections for federal office took place on different days in different states. In 1845, Congress passed legislation to designate a single day for all Americans to vote. It made Election Day the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Congress chose November because the United States was mostly rural. By November, farmers had completed their harvests and were available to vote. Another reason for this date was the weather. People were able to travel because it was not yet winter. They chose Tuesday for Election Day so that voters had a full day after Sunday to travel to the polls.

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¿En qué mes votamos por un nuevo presidente?

  • noviembre

في أي شهر ننتخب الرئيس؟

  • نوفمبر


  • 十一月

어느 달에 대통령 선거를 하는가?

  • 11월

Sa anong buwan tayo bumoboto para sa Pangulo?

  • Nobyembre

Bầu Tổng Thống vào tháng nào?

  • Tháng Mười Một

באיזה חודש אנו בוחרים נשיא?

  • נובמבר

В каком месяце проходят выборы президента?

  • В ноябре

Ne cilin muaj behen votimet Presidencjale?

  • Nentor

U kom mjesecu biramo Predsjednika?

  • U Novembru.

در چه ماهی برای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری رای می دهیم؟

  • نوامبر

Pendant quel mois nous avons les élections?

  • Novembre

Peb xaiv Tuam Thawj Tswj teb chaws nyob rau lub hli twg?

  • lub 11 hli

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